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Dea Rahajeng is a photographer whose work captures the other side of beauty. She believes that each subject is unique—different and incomparable to others. Honest beauty is an essential part of Dea’s photography that she explores through many concepts and perspectives. Making a statement that beauty can be found anywhere.


Born in Surabaya and traveling all around the world, Dea emphasizes intimacy to unravel raw qualities in her creations—attracted to what most people think is bizarre and peculiar. Dea loves the unclean because they are created with a mixture of colors that are there naturally, without any direction.


Moments are made by connection. Dea connects with people and her surrounding to capture various moods and emotions, from the strange to the scatterbrained—trying to achieve the perfect imperfection she desires. A disobedient against the conformity of the market, she is an insurgent who doesn’t compromise nor needs acceptance or appropriation.